Monday, August 4, 2008

Miss Mouse Visits School

Here's one of my Newfs, Miss Mouse visiting a school in Maryland. We both had a terrific time. I spoke about historical fiction & THE WRECK OF THE ETHIE. The Mouse held court receiving many ooohs & aaaaahs ( & hugs) from the children. The Media Specialist was organized, efficient & fun. I'll give the day an A+!!


Kathy Erskine said...

I love Miss Mouse! What a cutie! Congrats on a successful school visit, too.

Lizzie Skyrocket said...

Thanks! Although Miss Mouse is an obedience school drop out, she is making up for her lack of education in real schools. My rescue Newf (Teddy Bear) who went to schools w/ me had 2 ACL surgeries last The Mouse had to step in. I'll admit, I was worried she'd be as calm & good as Mr. Ted. Well, not to worry. Miss Mouse has been terrific! She loves, loves, loves the attention & thinks it's all about her. Mr. Ted can retire & focus on his favorite hobbies...snoozing, snoring & eating.