Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heads up! I read a terrific new book, Chancey of the Maury River by Gigi Amateau. The author masterfully weaves abandonment, fear & neglect with hope, trust, growth , courage & unconditional love. This book grabs your heart & won't let go. Get out the hankies.

Warning: If you hate anthropomorphic books & think they are worse than head lice in a kindergarten, do not read this book. I repeat do not touch this book. You probably hated Black Beauty and Babe: The Gallant Pig. This is the best book to come along in a great while.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Oh yeah, it's a work in progress. My website & now this blog. I will try to post often. Really. No matter what you heard.
In case you don't know me, I wrote the award-winning children's book, "The Wreck of the Ethie" If you ever met me, you already knew that. DO NOT look @ my website for another week as it's being revamped. An amazing superstar who lives in Aspen is redesigning my site. I'm hoping it will be completed by ski season or...well, forget it. FYI, the amazing Aspen superstar is not Antonio Banderas or Melanie Griffith. No matter what I lead you to believe.
OK, if you did peek, the photo (from l to r) shows me & my first Newfoundland dog, Cubby. Soon...the excitement mounts... you'll see pictures of my other doggie muses...Teddy Bear (Mr. Ted) & Topmast Wreck of the Ethie ( Miss Mouse) Even the naughty pony, Lilac, quite possibly could make an appearance. It's hard to tell in our family who is the biggest troublemaker. Is it The Mouse or Miss Lilac? It is not Mr. Ted. He is almost perfect. He's a rescue Newf & I'll tell you his story later. Come on, I know you're interested.
I am one hour late feeding the mutts. Their internal clock rang alarms @ 5:00 pm sharp. Newfie noses have been poking me for exactly one hour & 23 minutes. Anyway, gtg, talk to you later. Hilary