Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flint Hill Elementary School Rocks!

Miss Mouse and I had a terrific visit at Flint Hill! Anne Nenninger-Media Specialist and Sal Rivera-Principal are A + to work with.

We began the day being interviewed by FHES's morning news team. The PowerPoint sessions regarding historical fiction and the Ethie shipwreck were fun. The students enjoyed seeing many of the artifacts I brought: 1919 newspaper articles, 1919 weather maps (think Perfect Storm), crew manifest, Captain's log, photographs of the ship before and after she wrecked, life ring, pictures of 18 month old baby saved in ship's mailbag, rock from shore ship wrecked on and more! There were many thoughtful questions from the students...wish we had more time.

The Mouse reported the highlight of her day was getting hugs and pats from all the kids! Slurp, slurp, drool...

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